Installation of Set&Step outdoor flooring system

Before assembly

We recommend assembly procedure at a temperature around 20° C – 68° F. The plastic Set&Step modules must be stored at room temperature (around 20° C – 68° F) at least 12 hours prior to installation

Installation of Set&Step outdoor floor

For a correct use of the Set&Step system, it is recommended to strictly follow every single installation phase:

1 – Ensure that the installation ground is level. Apply a layer of rubble no less than 2cm deep (with a granulometry ranging from 2 to 5 mm). Level off the surface with a level.
2 – Remove one plug and keep it for the subsequent coupling of the modules.
3 – Insert a corner of the tile into one of the corners of the support. Apply pressure to the side of the support to ensure that the tile adheres to it.
4 – Complete the procedure making the support adhere to the remainder of the tile.
5 – Once the modules have been assembled, link them using the supplied plugs.
6 – In order to enable the modules to adhere to the rubble under-layer, carefully beat the surface using a rubber hammer.

Following these easy steps, you can obtain a do-it-yourself floor in quick time: an user-friendly outdoor flooring system which is easy to install, cheap and easy to clean and to maintain.